Show Reapers Love Contest

Reapers, Sol has declared a contest! 

You are the powerful few. Spread the word of Reapers Need Love, Too on Tapas, social media, or anywhere you'd like and have your personal reaper appear in Episode 15: Reaping Royale!

The instructions are simple:

1) Make a post on the Tapas forums, your personal feed, or any social platform with the series link at the end.
2) Send proof of your post to me here in a private/public post or at any social site @LNRDink.
3) Include your reaper's name in your proof's note/comment.

That's it. Good reaping! ♥

Remember, reapers are named after mortal fears and ailments. Pick your own fear or go wild, it doesn't matter!

-------------------------⬇ Series Link ⬇-----------------------------

-------------------------⬆ Series Link ⬆-----------------------------

**** In the event that a contest reaper shares the name of a key character, I'll reach out to you about choosing another one.

What is Reapers Need Love, Too?

Something has changed at the Reaping Concourse. Sol, the God, commands more life essence, greater sacrifice, and wants it faster than ever.

In short, God is hungry. Reaper Ash has had enough.

Reapers Need Love, Too careens through a whiplash narrative that wastes no time dropping the reader into a deeply realized world and the larger-than-life reapers that inhabit it.