Welcome to Elsewhere Unknown World

Elsewhere Unknown World expands on the fantasy story and world-building of Elsewhere Unknown, full of additional content that's not currently available anywhere else. The ambitious project bridges the gap between the novel and the internet, updating alongside the book.

I love lore. I love exploring new worlds. The world of Elsewhere Unknown has been hidden behind a cloak for over eight years and it's my joy to unveil my hard work, chapter-by-chapter and extra-by-extra. I'm avoiding the limitations of a traditional book in many ways and this is just one.

How does Elsewhere Unknown World work?

Elsewhere Unknown World develops as the story progresses, providing the reader with tons of additional content including character profiles, maps, art, stories, videos, audio, and so much more.

Now go! Go! Be one of the first to enjoy Elsewhere Unknown World.

Elsewhere Unknown releases on Channillo

Elsewhere Unknown releases on Channillo

Elsewhere Unknown now lives on Channillo. The first chapter is already available for free. It’s the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the service if you aren’t already.

Social Messaging Updates for LNRD.ink

Social Messaging Updates for LNRD.ink

As social messaging rises, I'm rising with it. You can now get fantasy news, author blog posts, and new books to read straight from Facebook Messenger.

A Butterfly Emerges: Announcement time!

Bye Bye, Broken Back

Elsewhere Unknown has found a new home. It 's one of ten projects, and I am one of ten authors, accepted by a digital publishing platform leading into March. I’ll reveal where once I have everything set up and ready to go.

But this is a game changer for my creative endeavors! It might not be obvious from the outside but fully committing to writing, editing, formatting, marketing, advertising, file testing, and other multimedia aspects has been beyond exhausting. This move will cut quite a few of those down.

Founded in 2015, this publishing site has grown considerably since I first stumbled across it. Their vision aligns with my own, embracing the creative freedom of the author while providing a curated, simple platform for the reader.

The best part for me? There are no strings attached. No binding contracts. I am free to do as I please with this story, future stories, the characters I love so much and their world. This is not only the best part; it’s also the most important and the key reason I have no interest in traditional publishing.

How Does This New Home Work?

It’s like my original vision. You (the reader) subscribe to the story, giving you access to all released chapters and future content, so long as you remain subscribed. I receive a majority of the revenue, which then goes right back into writing future work.

I opted to set a schedule of releasing a chapter every two weeks with the option of changing release frequency if production fluctuates. The first chapter will be free. Everything afterward is through the subscription. I plan to release the first chapter within the weekend.

LNRD.ink - A new vision for Offbeat Fantasy

LNRD.ink Author Michael Leonard

Welcome to LNRD.ink, Written For Your Pleasure. I refuse to stagnate, always seeking a better way forward until it feels right. Anyone who knows me will attest to that. OffbeatFantasy.com, as well as offbeat.one, are going away. They still redirect but please get used to this new, much shorter URL. All social has switched to LNRDink, as well.

Or, if you prefer, you can totally pronounce it LNR Dink.

This, too, allows for increased flexibility and range. Don’t worry! I still promise to deliver offbeat, bizarre stories. The site's just getting a sweet redesign.

What about Patreon?

I appreciate everyone who has pledged hard-earned money to my Patreon. I’m also glad that I can say I haven’t reaped any benefit from it yet. This is mostly because of the aforementioned reasoning: Something didn’t feel right. For all of its successes, Patreon is still an unpredictable and cumbersome platform that lacks basic discovery tools.

That said, I refuse to abandon Patreon yet. I’m in the process of reworking the tiers, not 100% certain what it’ll become, but feel free to either change or cancel your subscription. No matter what, I’ll give ample warning before any alterations are made.

Join Michael Leonard on Vero

Vero is the first breath of fresh air that I’ve felt in a long time when it comes to social media. It manages to do everything social media is supposed to. The ins-and-outs are hard to describe but, if you’re anything like me, it’ll click within the first few posts.

It has had recent outage issues due to a swell in popularity, however, so have patience.

Vero lacks the advertising that plagues the Big Social scene. You can either follow or connect with anyone. Connecting allows you to assign them to a specific role—from Acquaintance to Close Friend—and can control who sees what. Your privacy actually matters if you want it to.

Wow, that’s a lot of changes in just one day!

And I haven’t even revealed the official Elsewhere Unknown cover art.

Elsewhere Unknown Fake Cover