Writer's Block: To Write With Beads

Shopping at a local craft store with Jessica (my fiance) today presented a unique insight into the troubles and esteem issues of writers and creatives in general.

Writer's Block Blues

While Chapter 4 of Elsewhere Unknown just launched on Channillo, I’ve faced the classic issues of a writer. Constant doubt, writer’s block, and creative struggles as I develop new stories.

You can imagine, as someone growing up in the late 20th Century into the 21st Century, the consensus among peers, teachers, and professionals was that everything that could be done is already done. No undiscovered worlds to explore. No characters to meet for the first time.

How disheartening.

Defeating Doubt

Somehow I persisted long enough to write an entire book but, as new ideas came and went, that same sentiment echoed in my head, growing louder until my fingers stopped typing. I feared new ideas. If I can think of it then undoubtedly someone else already did.

This has clogged my creative tunnels for months. Then, leaping forward to today, I’m standing in the aisle of beads, charms, and chains. An epiphany nearly knocked me off my feet.

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Someone else had made those beads, those charms, and those chains but, when all those components are given to her, she assembles them in a way that’s wholly unique to her mind. Some bracelets might share similar pieces, but the arrangements themselves are much like snowflakes--no one else can choose the colors and shapes she does.

Now take this concept and apply it to life--the foundation for all creativity--and the essence of conquering doubt becomes abundantly clear.

We are all inspired by the life events we survive and the entertainment we consume. Some lives are therefore similar. Others are drastically different experiences.

Your ideas won’t always be unique. That’s not what’s important. The vital difference is that you speak from your own experiences, your own hopes, and your own pain.

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