Book Cover: Justin O'Neal delivers

Over the past few months, I’ve collaborated with one of my favorite artists of all time to bring the cover of Elsewhere Unknown to fruition. Justin O’Neal specializes in the grim, macabre, and occult so—in a manner of speaking—he was a perfect match for the project.

His unique art style and sensibilities melded with my own subversive vision into something I’m beyond excited to reveal. We both love being put out of comfort zones when it comes to our passion.

Justin O'Neal Elsewhere Unknown cover

The final touches are being made but he’s given the go-ahead to start teasing the piece. Being me, I’m taking the teasing aspect to heart.

 The book cover of Elsewhere Unknown is just around the corner. This will have to do for now.

Read the first chapter of Elsewhere Unknown on Channillo. Learn how to read the rest of the book here.

Oh, and check out Justin's other work at if you’re not weak of heart.