Have you had the misfortune of meeting the dwindler Iggy Heln?

Ignacious “Iggy” Heln is a former friend of Herielt Thaymen and veteran of the Graymen militia. A lifetime of dwindling stripped his mind of common decency, morals, and compassion.

His reliance on enhancement powders and brews proved vital in the early days of the civil war. Battles turned to bloodbaths. Resistance equated to treason. With the passage of time, Iggy’s addiction took control.

If you have the misfortune of running into Iggy, it’s best to prepare for the worst. While docile by nature, his actions are no longer predictable.

The Misfortune of Meeting Iggy Heln new book to read 2018 urban fantasy lgbt gay lesbian


What is dwindling?

Unlike addiction in the Earthly sense, dwindling is an act of purposeful, slow suicide. Dwindling, such as with photintra consumption, was once marketed as a way to leave life behind with psychotropic flare. Signs of dwindling include rotted teeth, vacant gazes, self-inflicted penetration points, and erratic behavior.


Character Profiles are updated and expanded exclusively on Patreon as the story and world continue. Iggy is the first of many for Elsewhere Unknown, the debut fantasy novel by Michael Leonard.