The Debut Fantasy Novel by Michael Leonard

Elsewhere Unknown follows the life and losses of Lenith Thaymen, the daughter of a former resistance leader suffering from a debilitating form of dementia. Having blended into a simple life among the residents of an abandoned pedestrian mall for the past four years, a fire in one of the shops has alerted the Chimayri forces to their location. It’s only a matter of hours before everything changes.

Join Lenith as she fights to adapt to a hostile culture, reunite with lost love, ignite an inner strength, and resist becoming the enemy she was taught to loathe.


Warphans is a low fantasy story of desperation, grudges, and violence at the end of the Korvilian Civil War. 

The story spans three decades, following three drastically different characters through the tides of love and war in the nation of Korvilene. The sections are divided between Fireball, Firestorm, and Afterwind and is told in a nonlinear order, interweaving one cohesive story out of the three acts. 

The starkly unnerving tone of Warphans is accentuated by the dark humor of antiheroes Nidelia Rasieau and her partner in crime Sahl Verot.

Warphans updates once a month.