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What is Elsewhere Unknown?

Elsewhere Unknown chronicles the life of a resistance leader's daughter long after the war has ended and the enemy stands victorious. The debut novel by Michael Leonard, mixing new adult themes with urban fantasy.

As the daughter of a former resistance leader suffering from dementia, Lenith Thaymen has blended into a simple life among the residents of an abandoned pedestrian mall for the past four years. A fire in one of the shops has alerted the forces of the Chimayri to their location. It’s only a matter of hours before everything changes.

Join Lenith as she fights to adapt to a hostile culture, reunite with lost love, ignite an inner strength, and resist becoming the enemy she was taught to loathe.

How does Elsewhere Unknown World work?

Elsewhere Unknown World develops as the story progresses, providing the reader with tons of additional content including maps, art, stories, videos, audio, and so much more.


Rugerbin Mall Customer Map

Where Money Buys Happiness ... Mind the blood.

A1 Great Hats

A2 Bayona Reads

A3 Auton Futures

A4 Rogdul’s Feasting Ground


B1 K.A.F. Recruitment

B2 Indecent Necessities

B3 Regeles Bre Fashion

B4 Mojum Scents


C1 Penit’s

C2 M.E.Z.

C3 Cutleries & Savories

C4 Broad Market


D1 Resforen Drinks

D2 Matanni Jewelry

D3 Homemade

D4 KMA Theater


Rogdul’s Feasting Ground

Hunger of a savage / Feast like a master

Bother not with hunting your fowl. Allow the feast to come your way. Our broad selection of ortira, dovil, and vegetative meals will leave you filled and craving more. Your choice of fifteen spices and seasonings means no two feasts are the same.

Mix, match, complement. Devour. Delicious.


Welcome to Sudbina, bonob.

The Onward & Upward City

Nestled in the island nation of Korvilene,
Sudbina boasts a wide range of stimulating activities
for adults and children alike.


Voluntary Labor

All adults between the age of 16 and 56 receive a Charity stipend every nine days that factors age, blood, heritage, behavioral patterns, and placement within the Chimayri Curriculum into account. Those seeking higher reward may opt into voluntary labor to earn a greater income of phinnies.


The Chimayri Curriculum

A correct education is the difference between civilization and savagery. Children between 4 and 15 must complete the full Chimayri Curriculum in order to be considered a functioning, beneficial member of society. Several perks of the identichip remain locked until the completion of all courses.


Social Freedom

Never forget where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or what you want. Social Freedom logs all of your life events so that you can focus less on history and more on what’s on the horizon. Why keep track when we can do it for you? You’re free to forget.


Inrail Public Transportation

Boasting the broadest range of public transportation in all of Korvilene, the Sudbina Inrail System webs across six main streets, fifty side paths, and delivers its denizens to anywhere in the city without the burden of owning or driving a personal vehicle.


Particle Protection

Preventative measures have reduced the criminal element to a sliver, allowing us to focus on solving issues of the common denizen rather than engaging in post-war squabbles of a dying opposition.


A Second Chance

Those born to the opposition or captured in the Gray Area are allowed a second chance due to recent initiatives, including a thorough Reintegration program that terminates the enemy and welcomes those left outside into our gracious arms.


Before Elsewhere Unknown

Warphans is a low fantasy story of desperation, grudges, and violence at the end of the Korvilian Civil War. In the wake of nearly half the population dying from the war, several teenagers and children must raise themselves in an unforgiving new world.

The starkly unnerving tone of Warphans is accentuated by the dark humor of antiheroes Nidelia Rasieau and her partner in crime Sahl Verot.

Based in the same world as Elsewhere Unknown, Warphans takes a different direction by exploring a different time, a different culture, and an uncertain future.

The first chapter is now on Tapas.

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