About Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard's first memory of writing is far from happy. Sharing his new short story (the finale of a ten-part epic called Evil Cat) with his Third Grade classmates, the teacher cut him off. She told him to take his seat.

When pressed, the teacher said: "This kind of story doesn't belong in the classroom." 

Remember, this was the tenth part.

Still, being young, Michael was more confused than frustrated. He only wanted to conclude a story that the other students adored, responding with excitement any time he had something new at story time. The unexpected censoring of Evil Cat 10 left his first fans in the lurch. No one would ever learn the fate of the family the eponymous evil cat terrorized.

Still, Michael wrote. He took several writing classes in high school, spent most of his time at university finding his style, and now tries to avoid dreaming about new characters and worlds at his day job.

Elsewhere Unknown takes place in one of those new worlds, inhabited by a wealth of rich characters and stories. About twenty-three years after that teacher stopped him mid-sentence, Michael's back.