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As the rest of the entertainment world adapted to the internet, fiction writers and world building masters slapped the ground with a dissatisfying thud. It has taken almost twenty years for many authors to figure out how best to deliver their books, short stories, and fantasy worlds. I believe the best way forward is a hybrid of the old and new ways.

Specializing in urban fantasy and horror stories, I've chopped my novels into three-chapter Clusters, delivered bi-monthly / monthly through Patreon. Think of it like the inverse of an anthology. Instead of collecting several theme stories, I've deconstructed the novel into digestible reading for the busy modern era. Learn more about my stories here. There's plenty for all, including urban fantasy, eldritch horror, ethereal fantasy, and more.

In the past, world maps and extra content were limited to the front and back pages of their books. No longer. Thanks to the unlimited nature of the internet, I'm able to provide all world maps, in-depth character profiles, audiobooks, and much more.

The Patron Clubs are being reworked.

Michael Leonard Patreon $1 Urban Fantasy Author

The Words Club - $1

Thank you. Your patronage means the world to me.
  • Additional short stories and written blog posts Increased once Elsewhere Unknown concludes and the next novel is being finished. 
  • Basic access to Discord (Lecherous rank) Join other Patrons in text and voice chat View/Listen to Question & Answer sessions
Michael Leonard Patreon $3 Urban Fantasy Author

The Media Club - $3

This one's for you if you love books, videos, and audio.
  • The Words Club rewards

  • Exclusive Author Readings (Video & Audio) Lacking a coffee shop or bookstore, you can experience recorded readings of chapters, short stories, and passages before anyone else.

  • Enhanced access to Discord (Debaucherous) Join other Patrons in General Chat & Voice Channel (text and voice) Participate in Question & Answer sessions

Michael Leonard Patreon $5 Urban Fantasy Author

The Super Club - $5

You're helping my dream come true even quicker than anticipated.
  • Everything from the other tiers

  • High-quality downloads (.jpg, .mp3, .png) Expand your enjoyment of new worlds with maps, art, and additional audio logs/readings.

  • Process/behind-the-scenes Not everyone wants to know how the sausage is made, and not every sausage-maker wants to give away his secrets. Lucky for you, you'll learn anyway.