The Fantasy Fiction of Michael Leonard

Plenty of fantastical worlds are littered with big concepts and epic war. Michael has always been more interested in the other side of the genre—the employees of a dystopian candy store, grim reapers as employees tasked with the end of the world. These are just the beginning of a long, exciting journey.

This isn’t about the oppressor and the oppressed.

Lenith Thaymen might be trapped in a dystopian nation but the oppressive government is the least of her problems.

This slow burn fantasy finds Lenith employed at Temptation Sweets, a candy store at the heart of the enemy’s capital city while seeking a former flame.

From the Author

As a teen, I’d stay up at night watching indie movies. I fell in love with the unconventional stories and peculiar characters. While developing the first drafts for Elsewhere Unknown, I kept going back to those movies. What I’ve created here, I believe, is a complex, slow-burning indie fantasy with a lot of unforgettable characters.

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A delightful dark fantasy romp at the end of the world.

Reapers have harvested lives for a millennia without fault, until the day that the mad god Sol kicks off complete annihilation.

Now, Reaper Ash must fight to survive—and to save the world he loves to harvest before the hunger of a god swallows everything whole.

From the Author

If Elsewhere Unknown was born from my teenage splendor, Reapers Need Love, Too is inspired by a head-on collision of Gothic violence and the absurd escalation found in the childhood classic Dragon Ball Z.

It holds no punches and trims all the fat to form a lean tale at the end of the world.